How it works

Cake sizes
Cakes are available in three standard sizes: 6 inch (4-6 slices), 8 inch (14–16 slices) and 10 inch (24–26 slices). Most of our standard cakes have 3 layers of sponge and two layers of filling in between. Variation in cake sizes can be made on personal request. We make slab cakes, square cakes, number, letter and heart shaped cakes. We do not work with fondant and we do not make novelty cakes. For these custom cake orders please send us an email with the number of guests attending your event and we will send you a quote. 

Chocolate Plaques
Can be ordered with a personal message, to be placed on top of any cake. These cost an additional $6. Please note this chocolate is not vegan or dairy-free.

Cake orders

All cakes are made to order. We do not have any stock ready to go as everything is made fresh according to your needs. We only require 1 day notice, however it's best not to leave your cake order to the last minute - we are always extremely busy and we may not be able to fit you in. We do not have a cancellation or refund policy. However, if you have made a mistake in your order please contact us and we will try to resolve it for you.
Orders can be made:

  • Via telephone - +61 449 263 883 or 02 9967 9730
  • Via email - An order placed via email is not valid until a confirmation email has been sent to you by Bakealicious By Gabriela.
  • Via the website – You must receive a confirmation email for your order. This will guarantee your order has been received and is being processed.

If you don’t hear from us within a few hours, please ensure you have placed the order correctly or give us a call to make sure your order has come through. In the case that your order has been rejected, the most likely cause is that we do not currently have that product in stock.

As I strongly believe in family traditions, my sweet creations are based on artisanal and home-made methods with a modern twist. It’s all about taking you back to childhood food memories while you savour the textures, aromas and delicate flavours. Rest assured that my cakes are simple, so that you are not biting into a sickly sweet decadent dessert.
All our products are handmade. No industrial machinery is used, therefore, each product is unique and original. Additionally, only the freshest seasonal ingredients are used. We try to source local and organic as much as we can, not only to comply with our own personal values, but to show support for our local farmers. Moreover, this assures our promise to you in delivering a fantastic and authentic local taste. No preservatives or additives are used in any of our sweet creations and we work in a facility where soy, peanuts and gluten are being used.

We are strong advocates of reducing our food waste and believe there are always options you can do with left over foods, instead of throwing them away. Hence why we convert any left over Cake or creams into Rum Balls and Chocolate Truffles. And we also sample left over Cake Slices to potential customers or divide them between staff members so that they can take some to their families and friends.