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November 04, 2022 1 min read

Best Vegan Cupcakes Sydney Delivery
Best Vegan Cupcakes Sydney Delivery
Best Vegan Cupcakes Sydney Delivery
Best Vegan Cupcakes Sydney Delivery


Vegan cakes have become so popular in recent years and with good reason.

There are so many brilliant non-dairy ingredient alternatives available that allow us to create delicious, flavoursome baked goods that many people don't even realise are vegan.

Whether you are vegan, have a dairy allergy, or simply love an excellent cupcake, do we have a treat for you!

Our beautiful new vegan cupcake range is so flavourful and special, they really are the best vegan cupcakes in Sydney!

The range comes in a gorgeous pack of 6 and includes:

- 1 x Vegan Black Forest Cupcake

- 1 x Vegan Coconut Cupcake

- 1 x Vegan Lemon Cupcake

- 1 x Vegan Lotus Biscoff Cupcake

- 1 x Vegan Mint Chocolate Cupcake

- 1 x Vegan Tiramisu Cupcake

Only plant based ingredients are used, and a flax egg replaces the egg.

Soy milk can be substituted with almond or rice milk for those who have a soy allergy.

Gluten-free vegan cupcakes are also available and we have the cutest vegan cupcake Minis!

They really do make a beautiful gift for someone special, or even as a treat for yourself or the family.

As with all our baked goods, our vegan cupcakes are available for delivery to the Sydney CBD and many Sydney suburbs, Monday to Saturday.

Or come and collect from our Forestville shop and say hello.

We've had such incredible feedback since launching the new vegan cupcake range, I can't wait for you to try them and hear your thoughts!

Con Amor Gabriela x 

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