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January 26, 2023 2 min read

Hello Bakealicious Family!

Today I wanted to take the time to tell you about a very special cake - our Victoria Sponge Cake previously called Vintage Vanilla Cake.

Every cake we sell has been so carefully developed.

Hours of testing, trialling, tasting, refining - I never add anything to our menu unless I am truly excited by the flavours and experience it will bring to our customers.

However, while every cake has a special place in my heart, our Victoria Sponge Cake is definitely our shining star and best seller!

Fresh fluffy vanilla butter sponge layers, handmade raspberry coulis and mascarpone cream - a heavenly trio.

When developing our Victoria Sponge Cake, I wanted to create something traditional that tasted like home – delicate, soft, and gently sweet.

A sponge cake that could be shaped and decorated in infinite ways, yet still would be beloved by everyone for its lush flavours and textures.

It had to be a sponge cake that was truly special and stood apart from others.

Plus it had to be vanilla - the queen of all flavours! There is something so timeless and elegant about premium vanilla.

I tried many, many times. I would give it to different people to try, I would try it myself. I lived and breathed vanilla sponge cake!

The day we finalised what would become our Victoria Sponge Cake recipe, with raspberry coulis and mascarpone cream as supporting flavours, was the happiest day!

Everyone who tasted it loved it, and even me, after having eaten so much vanilla sponge cake during development, kept taking mouthfuls!

Over the years we've created hundreds of Naked Victoria Sponge Cakes, Semi-naked Victoria Sponge Cakes and beautifully dressed Victoria Sponge Cakes!

Below are just a few examples of how stunning this cake can be.

Whether enjoyed as a slice with a cup of tea, or taking centre stage at a celebration, our Victoria Sponge Cake definitely deserves its place as the shining star of our menu!

Con Amor Gabriela x


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