Vegan Cupcakes

The best vegan cupcakes in Sydney! We take a lot of care to ensure our vegan cupcakes are decadent, flavourful and special. Our vegan cupcakes come in a gorgeous packs of 6 and 12 and include the following flavours: 

- 1 x Vegan Black Forest Cupcake 

- 1 x Vegan Coconut Cupcake 

- 1 x Vegan Lemon Cupcake 

- 1 x Vegan Lotus Biscoff Cupcake 

- 1 x Vegan Mint Chocolate Cupcake 

- 1 x Vegan Tiramisu Cupcake 
A beautiful gift for someone special, or as a treat for yourself or the family. 
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Cupcakes: Flour/gluten-free flour mix, Belgium cocoa powder (chocolate cupcakes), caster sugar, non-dairy milk, flax egg, baking powder and salt.

Icing: Nuttelex, icing sugar, Belgium cocoa powder (chocolate cupcakes) or vanilla extract (vanilla cupcakes).