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August 21, 2017 2 min read

Business in Heels Event Sydney

I want you to know that I take the time to write about things that I have found useful, interesting and that I engage in, through my business journey. For those of you that don’t know me; I bake memories by creating classic cake favourites with only natural ingredients. A lot of my handmade cakes also cater to vegans, coeliacs, diabetics and lactose or gluten intolerant people.

What is Business in Heels? It’s a network of female business owners/entrepreneurs that empowers, connects, gathers and helps grow us through powerful connections, events and the right resources. Founders Jo Plummer and Lisa Sweeney have done an excellent job at growing this group, not only locally, but also internationally. I won’t go on about what Business in Heels is all about however, if you want to find out more follow this link:

Business in Heels Event Sydney

Business in Heels has different branches. Depending on the area where you live in, you may decide to become a member of the branch that suits you best. I have attended the Business in Heels Sydney CBD group which happens to have lots of events and a big following. The Branch Director and organizer is Mireille Salloum. I must admit I did connect instantly with Mireille when we both found out we love motorbikes! Jokes aside before I even met Mireille she was always very welcoming and helpful in understanding and growing my business.

I had the pleasure of finally meeting Mireille and a group of other woman at an event help in July at the co-working space Aeona in Surry Hills. The event was called Budgets, Booms, Busts and Bubbles. We heard Omar talk about the property market here in Sydney and how we can strategically plan to buy when it’s most convenient. Omar is a qualified accountant who has a strong passion for financial planning. He taught us about the property cycle and how to know when it is best to buy/sell; also keeping in mind location and other factors.

Business in Heels Event Sydney

I met lots of amazing woman including Mireille’s mum. What I enjoyed most about this event, apart from the fact that I learnt various things about the property market and met lots of people, was the fact that thanks to Mireille I found that the event was so welcoming in the sense that there were no awkward moments when you arrived or when you met anyone. She always made the point of including everyone and introducing the newbie's to the group. I haven’t found this happens at a lot at events. People who know each other tend to stick with each other; but that night it was different and I was the new one and I really did feel a part of the group, even though I had never attended an event before.

Mireille has her own business and understands the importance of relationships, networking and connections. This makes her a perfect candidate for organizing and hosting these events. Thanks Mireille for making everyone feel a part of the community.

Melissa Allen Mood Essentials Sydney

And the bonus of the event: I won the lucky door price! Some beautiful fragrances infused with 100% natural essential oils. Thank you so much Melissa Allen Mood Essentials.

Gabriela Oporto Business in Heels Event Sydney

Con Amor Gabriela X

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