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It’s been a while since my last blog post about my business journey, hence here I am again writing about this oh, so beautiful, and at times uncertain path.

It’s been 16 months since the launch of the website. This is when it officially started for me. In these past months, I have been fortunate enough to interact and meet some amazing business people like Christine, Gg, Pizzaiolo and Sandrita who inspire and teach me so many things and I thank you for that.

Sales have increased, and I am solely relying on the business now. I have made a few mistakes and the stress that comes with it is not glamorous, but it keeps me wanting to improve my service and cake making skills.

I have been so lucky to have been accepted into the NEIS scheme which is a government initiative to help small businesses. I have met some wonderful people through Sydney Business and I am getting a Certificate IV in Small Business which is great.

Another amazing opportunity that has come my way is that I have made it through as a finalist at the 2018 NSW Business Chambers Business Awards. I am truly honored just to have made it to the finals. I am not solely focused on winning but it’s going through the experience that will enhance my skills.

I have also been pushing the marketing which is one of my weak spots but I have an amazing team Lynne, Cassie and Malu who always push me and help me in this aspect.

I do need to increase my sales and I must admit it is very challenging at times but because I love what I do I know that it’s only a matter of time and I will get to where I want to be; have my little shop selling cakes and coffee for everyone to enjoy. I have no idea how that will happen as money is a big factor and I don’t have those funds but like they say: life is not about reaching a destination, it’s the way, the process of getting there all those moment that make it meaningful for me and many others.

My greatest joy is to keep putting smiles on people’s faces when they try my cakes and say: this is the best cake I’ve had in my life! :)

So much personal growth and tireless days make me tremendously grateful that I am doing this as I truly believe the greatest things in life don’t come easy.

I thank my loyal customers who always buy my cakes and make a point of getting my name out there, not to mention the huge support from my family and friends. Bless you all.

Perseverance, a positive mindset, resilience, passion, faith and courage I believe are the main ingredients it takes to have a business. At times you will look back and think woah! Was that the same person that started this?! As you will outgrow everything you thought you knew or didn’t know. You will go through pain, errors, disappointments but they will transform you in such a way that what once seemed difficult won’t be, and that will lead you to reaching your true potential. Will it ever stop? I don’t believe so. All these experiences positive and negative are what make life so unbelievable and although it may seem challenging at times you thank the universe for what you do have, and at the end you will always take the beautiful experiences and moments with you. No one can ever take that away from you. Money and possessions come and go but what lies within you; all those amazing moments are what remain there forever in eternity.

I thank you all once again for believing in me and my product. You keep making what I do so worth it.

P.S I love my Bakers Gonna Bake jumper! Thanks Jo Jo for making it happen ;)

Con Amor Gabriela X

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Rob AKA Fritz
Rob AKA Fritz

November 29, 2018

“My greatest joy is to keep putting smiles on people’s faces when they try my cakes and say: this is the best cake I’ve had in my life! :)”

Well Gabriela you weren’t around when I and the family started eating the chocolate one you made for me but that was exactly my comment too.
Some people may think you are a bit over the top talking about people saying it is the best cake they have ever eaten ….until they try one that is.
I would love to know what it was called so I can recommend it and you but I suspect you have such a great gift that everything you make is delightful.

fond regards

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