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A Big Announcement


“I want to have a cake shop” were the words I kept on repeating to mum when I was 4. It was a dream then, but now I can say it is becoming a reality because I am going to open a shop in a few more weeks. I say this with tears in my eyes. Life makes us go through some hard moments and sometimes we feel so far removed from where we want to be. However, this new experience exemplifies the beauty of believing in your dreams while persevering and working hard. Never lose faith, I guarantee that what may seem a struggle or bad luck at times, may also be your greatest blessing.

I am here today about to have my own cake shop, mesmerised. I am so grateful to everyone in my life, specially my family and close friends. I have to mention Bradley John Sam who has held my hand these last few months. And Nan, who has been a true grandmother to me.

I will write a separate post about what it has been like to embark on this journey of starting a shop: real estate, lawyers, suppliers, staff, insurance, etc. The list is endless, and I must say there have been many times when, I pause, I've laughed out loud and taken a deep breath in to keep going, otherwise I’d have simply cried.

Bakealicious will officially open in May in Middle Cove at the old Kiss Me Cake shop on Eastern Valley Way. I will be serving coffee, a small savoury menu and many of my yummy cakes. I specialise in Naked Cakes and have a wide range of gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and vegan cakes.

I keep pinching myself thinking, “Is it still a dream?!” But no, dreams do come true. It’s overwhelming at times and I do get emotional but there is a lot to think and do so it’s better to just continue working. I am ready for the growth and challenges that will probably come with it.

Here is a photo of me helping dad make bread when I was 5. As you can see it has always been in me to be a part of the food industry.

Again, thank you to everyone who has stood by my side. You have all contributed to a little piece of this sweet puzzle.

I look forward to seeing you all at my shop. Until then! 

Con Mucho Amor Gabriela X

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  • Gabriela Oporto
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  • Lisa

    Wanted to wish you the best on your new journey!!! I’m happy your dream came true !! I love stories with happy endings❤️

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