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October 07, 2022 2 min read



Recently I was interviewed by the Daily Telegraph as one of Sydney's leading bakers. It was such an honour and thrill to have all our hard work acknowledged in this way.

They asked some very interesting questions including: what inspired me to create my own baking business (answer: learning to bake at age four with my mother and grandmother!), the secret to being a good baker (answer: thinking of the person eating the cake and the flavours, texture and experience you would like to give them), and why do you think baking has become so popular (answer: there's so much inspiration on social media and the stress of the pandemic encouraged people to focus on calming and nurturing activities).

But my favourite question was to highlight a food item I have created of which I am most proud. Answer - my bestseller Vintage Vanilla Cake!

When creating my Vintage Vanilla Cake, I wanted to create something that would taste like home and give comfort. Nice, soft, sweet, not too dry, not too moist. Something that could be adapted and decorated for any occasion, yet still would give the person the same delicious experience every time. 

I wanted something traditional, but timeless. And it had to be the queen of all flavours - excellent quality Vanilla!

I tried many, many times to perfect it. I would give it to different people to try until the flavours and textures were exactly right.

With it's fluffy vanilla butter sponge layers, raspberry coulis, and Mascarpone Cream, to this day Vintage Vanilla Cake is still one of my all time favourite cakes to eat, and one I am incredibly proud of. 

Thank you to The Daily Telegraph, all my customers, and all the Vintage Vanilla Cake lovers for their support! I really am so grateful.

Con Amor Gabriela x 

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